Recent Success Stories


After a businessman’s claim for damages for defamation against a provider of Credit Information due to the publication of inaccurate information regarding his financial status in its Credit Search Report was dismissed in the High Court, he appointed MWKA to represent him in his Appeal.

In 2010, the businessman, together with his team of lawyers from MWKA comprising of Mr Raymond Mah and Ms Carmen Teh successfully appealed against the decision of the High Court.

The Judges of the Court of Appeal unanimously allowed the businessman’s claims against the provider of credit information with costs on the grounds that a preceding head-note stating that the information published was not intended as confirmation of the current status of the case, did not, on the facts of the case, absolve the provider of credit information from responsibility for its mistakes.

Thus, in law and fact, the credit information published was defamatory of the plaintiff.

MWKA represented a group of wronged investors who had an interest in low-risk, high-return investments against a company, its directors and solicitors who had concocted an elaborate Ponzi scheme disguised as a land investment program.

Our Mr Raymond Mah and Mr Jeremy Yong successfully obtained a final judgment against the perpetrators for RM800,000.

MWKA acted for a single mother against her ex-husband and successfully enforced the latter’s irrevocable letter of undertaking which involved the sale of the couples’ marital home and transfer of sale proceeds to their children for their educational purposes.

MWKA represented a prominent interior designing firm in Kuala Lumpur against a hotel who alleged a breach of contract for the supply of furniture and fittings. Our Mr Raymond Mah and Mr Jeremy Yong successfully opposed the latter’s counterclaim for the amount of RM2.2 million in the High Court of Malaya.

A former CEO of a GLC (Government-Linked Company) was vindicated by the Kuala Lumpur High Court In December 2011 for a claim of RM18 million brought against him by the GLC. Our Mr Raymond Mah and Mr CC Gan successfully defended the CEO against allegations of breach of the former CEO’s fiduciary duty which resulted in a loss in an investment. The High Court also awarded costs in the sum of RM40,000.00 to the former CEO. This case was reported in the Current Law Journal as Perbadanan Nasional Berhad v Shaharin bin Shaharudin [2011] 9 CLJ 208.