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By Richard Wee, Lesley Lim & Marcus Leong
Research by Saphna Ravichandran & Darren Tan

Photo Credit: Marcus Leong
In the words of Diego Maradona, the former Argentine professional footballer described Video Assistant Referee (VAR) as a “technology that brings transparency and quality that provides a positive outcome for teams who decide to attack and take risks”.[1]
What is VAR?…

Features of the newly amended Sports Development Act 1997

The Sports Development Act was passed by Parliament and gazetted on 25 September 1997. It promotes and facilitates the development, administration and registration of sports in Malaysia. In order to achieve these objectives, the Act establishes inter alia the Sports Commissioner’s Office and the Sports Advisory Panel. In brief, the Sports Development Act 1997(“SDA 1997”)…

Adding Muscle to Anti-Doping Fight in Malaysia

By Richard Wee, Lesley Lim, Vincent Lim & Saphna Ravichandran
Recently in February 2018, the National Anti-Doping Agency of Malaysia, better known as ADAMAS, confirmed that work has begun on a new Anti-Doping lab in Malaysia which will receive accreditation from the World Anti-Doping Agency, better known as WADA[1] (the WADA accredited lab). Malaysia used to…

MWKA Esports Meta: The Inconsistencies in Esports – The Need for Governance (Part 1)

By Richard Wee, Lesley Lim & Bryan Boo

Photo credit: Jamie McInall
MWKA Esports Meta: The Inconsistencies in Esports – The Need for Governance (Part 1)
It is undeniable that governance and a global regulation is vital to the long-term sustenance and continual growth of any sport. Such a system in place provides certainty and consistency throughout the industry….

To Drone or Not to Drone? Here are 5 Legal Issues You Might Want to Consider Before Flying Your Drones

By Marlysa Razak

Drones or also known as private unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) have caught the attention of many netizens, especially travelers as they are able to capture aerial view of beautiful sceneries and landscape from high above. Drones footages give much bigger impact to viewers and they make travel videos more intriguing. Because of its…

Sports Law: What’s Next? – The Recent Case of Badminton Match-Fixing

By Richard Wee, Lesley Lim, Vincent Lim & Bryan Boo
*Picture shown is for illustration purposes only. Photo credit: “Badminton Semifinal Pan 2007” by Wilson Dias (Agência Brasil) is licensed under CC BY 3.0 BR)
The Malaysian badminton community was shaken by the recent allegations and hearing of shuttlers being directly involved in match-fixing, the effects of which rippled way…

Sports Law: Falling down in a stadium

By Richard Wee, Lesley Lim & Saphna Ravichandran

Photo credit: “New Meadowlands Stadium Mezz Corner“ by babyknight (New Meadowlands Stadium: Mezz Corner) is licensed under CC BY 2.0
The thought of an athlete falling or slipping may seem inconsequential at first because the athlete may regain their balance in time, or just pick themselves back up and give the injury…

SPORTS LAW : Mini Comment on the Winter Olympic Games 2018 #3- Kei Saito (Speed Skating)

By MahWengKwai & Associates Sports Law Practice Group

A Japanese athlete has been implicated for doping at The Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics. Speed Skater Kei Saito tested positive for acetazolamide, when his pre-competition sample was taken. Acetazolamide is a substance that is prohibited at all times by the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA). Saito was schedules…

Clarifying Esports – esports, sports, and gaming

By Bryan Boo

Photo Credit: “The International 4 Grand Finals” by Jakob Wells is licensed by CC BY 2.0
I came across a Facebook post by Meera “NeverOne” Dros awhile ago which was a response to an interaction between a DJ of Malaysian radio station Lite FM with the listeners. The topic of conversation was whether or…

SPORTS LAW : Mini Comment on the Winter Olympic Games 2018 #2 – Alexander Krushelnitzky (Curling)

By MahWengKwai & Associates Sports Law Practice Group

Photo Credit: “Curling” by Benson Kua is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0
The Pyeongchang 2018 Olympic Winter Games saw Russian curler Alexander Krushelnitzky being stripped of his bronze medal following him being tested positive for the banned substance meldonium. Although Alexander initially maintained his innocence claiming that his drink was…