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Emerging Sports and Sports Law

By Richard Wee, Lesley Lim and Kevin Seow
Emerging Sports and Sports Law
Sports has always been an important aspect of Malaysian culture. The love and spirit for sports will always be something embedded in every Malaysian’s soul. It also brings us together as one nation when we cheer on our nation’s athletes. Who could forget how…

The difference between contract of service and contract for services (Part 1)

By Richard Wee, Janessa Kok and Oh Jia Ling
There is a constant debate about a contract of service and a contract for services. While the difference in that phrase is a mere exchange of words of, “of” and “for”, there is a huge difference in the meaning.
Briefly, a contract of service is an agreement…

‘Live’ in the moment: The ongoing feud between sports broadcasters and live streamers

By Richard Wee and Samuella Kong
Assisted by Bryan Boo and Saphna Ravichandran
Sports and media have an intertwining relationship whereby it is not wrong to conclude that without such media coverage, sports may never have developed to its current position today. Traditionally, one would expect to be at a stadium or the sports arena to watch…

MWKA at the International Malaysian Law Conference 2018

The International Malaysian Law Conference (“IMLC”) has come and gone. After four (4) days of intense and interesting discussions, debates and dialogues, we say goodbye to yet another successful Malaysian-Bar-curated-conference. Below is a summary web report of MahWengKwai & Associates (“MWKA”) at the IMLC 2018.
Day 2 International Malaysia Law Conference

Assoc Prof Dr Jady Zaidi…

Defect Claims against Developers: An update on Limitation

By Raymond Mah, John Chan & Pramodhini Jayapragasam

Are you within the time limit to claim for your property damage?
If you are a property owner and you recently noticed latent defects/property damage such as cracks on your walls, floor or ceiling then this article may be relevant to you.
On 3.4.2018, the Dewan Rakyat discussed and passed…

Holding Court at the Asian Games

By Richard Wee, Lesley Lim and Saphna Ravichandran
The Asian Games held every four years is the second largest multisport event after the Olympics. Jakarta and Palembang hosted the 18th Asian Games this year. As teams converge for the games, athletes gather to compete and officials execute the rules, a small group of sports arbitrators mete…

5 legal issues to look out for when buying and selling a property in Malaysia

By Richard Wee, Sarah Kambali, Darren Tan & Oh Jia Ling

Photo by from Pexels
Purchasing or selling a property in Malaysia can be complicated with layers of administrative challenges. Embedded in these property transactions are statutory rules, legal practices and commercial documentation. For many first time property buyer, or even regular property investor; buying or selling…

Vessel #1 ; The “Lingo” of Shipping Law

By Marlysa Razak

Photo Credit: Shaah Shahidh on Unsplash
Hi. I am Marlysa Razak, a young lawyer at MahWengKwai & Associates who aspires to venture and develop the area of Law of Carriage in Malaysia. “What is Law of Carriage?”, you might ask. Simply put, it is the laws of transportation which includes carriage of goods and…

ESPORTS LAW: Mini comment on the Mobile Legends Southeast Asia Cup 2018 controversy

By Richard Wee, Lesley Lim & Bryan Boo

Photo Credit: AirAsia Saiyan
ESPORTS LAW: Mini comment on the Mobile Legends Southeast Asia Cup 2018 controversy
One of the largest annual mobile gaming tournaments in Southeast Asia, the Mobile Legends Southeast Asia Cup 2018 (MSC), drew to a close on 29 July 2018 with Filipino team Aether Main being crowned…


By Richard Wee, Lesley Lim & Marcus Leong
Research by Saphna Ravichandran & Darren Tan

Photo Credit: Marcus Leong
In the words of Diego Maradona, the former Argentine professional footballer described Video Assistant Referee (VAR) as a “technology that brings transparency and quality that provides a positive outcome for teams who decide to attack and take risks”.[1]
What is VAR?…